Raycono AS303
Duct/HVAC Sterilizer

NASA Hydroxyl Technology
Co-developed with Weizmann Institute of Science

99.99% Sterilization Rate

Initiated by NASA

Photonic Catalysis

Perfectly Purify Formaldehyde, Virus, Bacteria, Dust

Central air conditioning
The installation of air sterilizers is a necessary measure to prevent airborne diseases





The refining rate of Raycono AS303 on

Formaldehyde/virus/bacteria/dust reaches


Formaldehyde removal rate / 2 Hours


Virus Removal Rate / 2 Hours


Bacteria Removal Rate / 2 Hours


Effective on Mold, Salmonella, Escherichia coli,
Candida, Staphylococcus albicans, Staphylococcus aureus,

Dust Removal Rate / 2Hours


Effective on PM 2.5, Dust, Pollen, Smoke, Odor

Technical parameters


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Application and display of BIM technology

BIM: Building Information Modeling

BIM refers to digital tools for building (B) informationization and (I) industrialization in building techniques. Its model (M) is the outer form, and information is the core-soul! The key of application is interaction and collaboration of parametric information.

BIM technology can realize visual management beforehand, problem reports generation, collaborative design and operation and maintenance management in later periods.

Before installation and construction, triliros air sterilizer may use the most cutting-edge BIM technology in the building industry to realize visual design planning, so as to obtain the best design scheme.

BIM technology realizes 3D visualization of installation.

In collaboration with the background network management system to realize visual inspection, monitoring,
maintenance and replacement, etc.

Quick installation and deploy

In the later maintenance and overhaul, the assembly can be completed without any dismantling devices.

① Quick installation structure. Fix the red widget on the air duct during the first installation.

② Insert the sterilizer and rotate it for 20 degrees to complete the installation, making the foolproof overhaul and maintenance finished in seconds.

About the Installation

Raycono RC-AS303 Central Air Conditioning Sterilizing Unit
Low maintenance cost. Needs regular cleaning.Fits in a variety of central air systems.


RC-AS303 is designed to be installed within the duct of an HVAC system. We suggest mounting them on the side plenum.
Multiple units are needed in larger air ventilation or higher space.

It could be dangerous to install and maintain the unit because of air pressure and electricity.

Only trained technician is qualified to install and maintain the unit.

Raycono and its affiliates will not be responsible for any damage or injury caused by unqu

alified technician for the installation or maintenance.

Tools to carry out the installation

• Power Drill

• 3-1/2 inch hole saw

• 1/4 inch hex head screwdriver

Integration and Intelligent control

Using RS485 as the transfer method, the system can multi-point control the cloud platform network and monitor the working status.
When the system is working abnormal, the cloud platform will automatically recognize and prompt the malfunctioning unit.
The technician can identify the problem and repair it with ease.

Cloud Platform Network

Mechanism of Raycono triliros


Trillions of iROS (integrated Reactive Oxygen Spices)

Working principle of Raycono triliros

Our triliros device generates trillions of ROS every second. Those ROS disrupts envelope/capsid /RNA/DNA /protein of virus. These hydroxyl radicals also instantly attack carbon based, organic molecules, breaking apart their chemical bonds, deodorizing smells, instantly decomposing them and simply leaving water and carbon dioxide.

Nanometer size of substances
Protein virus bacteria macrophage Daphnia baseball

Relative diffusion range of triliros
Hydroxyl singlet oxygen superoxide hydrogen peroxide