Raycono Triliros technology is based on hydroxyl radical, which our earth cleanses itself of environmental pollutants. The process has been deemed safe by NASA (it has been used in the space station) and also certified by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) as a Type 2 Medical Device that is approved for use in hospitals, including neonatal and baby wards.

Chief Scientist Dr. Angel Porgador

• Dean of faculty of health of BGU Israel

• MSC/PHD of Weizmann Institute

• President of Israel Immunological Society

• President of ISCR&FISEB-ILANIT

Led by Dr. Angel Porgador, a world-renowned immunology scientist, Raycono developed patented Triliros technology and its applications successfully. Meanwhile, completed various critical toxicological verification.

Mechanism of Raycono triliros


Trillions of iROS (integrated Reactive Oxygen Spices)

Working principle of Raycono triliros

Our triliros device generates trillions of ROS every second. Those ROS disrupts envelope/capsid /RNA/DNA /protein of virus. These hydroxyl radicals also instantly attack carbon based, organic molecules, breaking apart their chemical bonds, deodorizing smells, instantly decomposing them and simply leaving water and carbon dioxide.

Nanometer size of substances
Protein virus bacteria macrophage Daphnia baseball

Relative diffusion range of triliros
Hydroxyl singlet oxygen superoxide hydrogen peroxide

Introduction to Raycono triliros Features


Deactivating virus and
microbial pathogens


Deodorizing odors and


Redoxing to remove VOCs
such as Benzene and form-
aldehyde from shampoo, detergent, and kitchen gas.


Eliminating allergenic from
pets dander

Antiallergic effects

Triliros have been shown to modify the IgE-binding capacity in pollens, spores and pet dander. Modified allergen structures are no longer recognized by the immune system and therefore histamine and other chemical mediators are not released.

Compared with traditional air purification technology,
triliros air sterilization technology boasts four advantages

Extensive sterilization

It works on almost all

Practical sterilization

High efficiency, energy saving and no need of
consuming materials.

Thorough sterilization

Decomposition instead
of filtering.

Safe sterilization

The final products of
purification are harmless substances such as carbon dioxide and water.

Sterilization method Ozone UV light triliros oxidation reduction
1 Sterilization efficiency Low sterilization efficiency Extremely low sterilization efficiency High sterilization efficiency
Oxidative activity index 2.07 It takes long-time exposure to kill the virus. Oxidative activity index 2.85
2 Safety performance Dangerous Dangerous Safe
If a large amount of ozone is breathed into the body, it will
damage the cells and tissues of the human body, and may
even cause cancer.
High power UV lamps can produce ozone. People and animals do not need to leave and it will cause no harm.
3 Energy consumption Super high energy consumption High energy consumption Low energy consumption
The product power is about 4KW. The product power is about 1.6 KW
(estimated at 1000 square meters).
The product power is about 500 W
(estimated at 1000 square meters).
4 Materials consumption The ozone generation module needs to be replaced regularly. The lamp life is only 8000 hours, and it needs to be
replaced after the expiration.
Maintenance-free services for three years are provided,
and the reaction generating modules need to be replaced
three years later.
5 Costs High operating costs High operating costs Low operating costs
High energy consumption Energy consumption is high and UV lamps need to be replaced
within one year.
Energy consumption is extremely low, and there is no need to
replace parts within three years.
6 Air purification features n/a n/a Sterilization, deodorization, formaldehyde removal, and air
7 Intelligent control n/a n/a Intelligent networking control, and real-time monitoring of product
working status










HEPA Filter+Fan

Dust and large
particlescan be
blocked by filter

No effect against
biologicals, VOCs
and odor.

Small room area

No effect against
object surface, only
effect for air

Filter replacement

UV Air

HEPA Filter+Fan+UV

Inactivates bacteria,
mold, and viruses

Require close range for
effectiveness, High UV
intensity harm nearby
users, require air flow

Depending on air flow
circulation rate

Close UV range only

UV component


Corona discharge

Inactivates bacteria,
mold and viruses

Breathing ground-level
ozone can result in a
number of health effects,
may even cause cancer.

Large area or entire

High effectiveness
against object surface

Ozone generator
module replacement


High voltage discharge

Removing dust,
particulates, smoke

The service life and diffusion
distance of negative ions
are very short, and the effect
of peculiar smell is slow

Small room area

Weak effectiveness

Little to none


Positive and negative
extremely high voltage
discharge structure

Removing dust,
particulates, smoke,
bacteria and viruses

Easy to accumulate dust,
obviously pull arc discharge,
produce ozone

A certain room area

High effectiveness

Little to none


Titanium dioxide+UVC

Actively releases buillions
hydroxyls radicals into
the air , thoroughly
kill virus and pathogens
.Effective against odors , bacteria, mold,
viruses, and VOCs.

Initial effect slower than
ozone generators,
requires filter to work
against particulate matters

Large area or entire
buildings, modulized ,
Hvac/Ahu available

High effectiveness
against object surface

Catalyst shell and UV
lamp need to be checked
and replaced depends on
environmental situation .


Hybrid catalyst metal
+ long-life 254nm
wavelength UV light

Actively releases buillions
hydroxyls radicals
+negative ion+plasma into
the air, thoroughly kill
virus and pathogens.
Effective against odors ,
bacteria, mold, viruses,and VOCs

Hybrid structure
produces negative
hydroxyl travelling
range and time

Different models
are available able
to cover any space

High effectiveness
against object surface

Catalyst shell and UV
lamp need to be
checked and replaced
depends on
environmental situation .